A Handbook of Robot Vacuum Cleaner’s Functions

Presently robot vacuum cleaners come to be in vogue. As is advertised, robot vacuum cleaner is able to automatically clean your house or office floor (be it wood, carpet, ceramic tile, etc). However, what are the general functions of those robot cleaners in market? In the following, a brief introduction is made toe elucidate the common functions of robot cleaners.
Vacuuming and mopping function: Generally robot vacuum cleaner can not only vacuum but also can mop the floor. As it work, the side brushes rotate in high speed so as to sweep the floor when garbage like dirt, dust, pet hair, cat litter, food crumbs, and other debris will be sucked up and kept into a large, easy-to-empty bagless dustbin. If the floor (wood or tile) needs mopping, then a mopping pad can be added to the robot cleaner. Its small and round size and compactness enable the robot cleaner to go under tables, beds, chairs, and other hard-to-reach places. So the robot vacuum cleaner can clean larger size of the floor than a traditional clumsy vacuum cleaner.
Automatic cleaning-routes selecting function: Robot cleaner generally moves in zigzag or spiral way in the clearing area. When it reaches obstacle (i.e. table or sofa legs), its rubber bumper will not damage your furniture, and the robot cleaner will revolve around the obstacle and continue its cleaning. When reaching the wall, it follows wall edges and reaches deep into corners to clean.
Multiple cleaning modes: Based on the size of cleaning area, robot cleaner can work in three different modes: S (small size), M (medium size), L (large size).
UV light killing bacteria function: The robot cleaner is equipped with UV light which can kill bacteria as it moves along the floor. Scientific examination has proven that UV light is quite effective in killing bacteria.
Automatic charging function: Place the docking station at a proper spot and the robot cleaner is able to return to the station and recharge automatically when it runs in low power. When charging is finished, it can go back to work.
Anti-interruption function: If some room or some area needs no cleaning or no interruption, a virtual wall can be installed at the place. Then the virtual wall creates an invisible barrier with the infrared beam, the robot cleaner automatically detects the beam and will not cross it.
Remote controlling function: If you are interested in operate the robot cleaner to clean in the course as you expect, you may use the remote controller.
Scheduled cleaning function: If you want the robot cleaner to clean your floor regularly, i.e. 8 o’clock every morning, you can preset the time on the remote controller. Then at the scheduled time within seven days, the robot cleaner will automatically begin to work and return to the docking station.
Easy maintenance: Routine maintenance is a snap. The large-capacity bagless dustbin can be easily slid out, emptied, and clicked back into place. The brushes and filters are also easily removed by hand for routine cleaning and maintenance.

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