A Handbook to Homba H518 robot vacuum cleaner

Homeba H518—Operation Guide:

Recharging: A minimum of 8 hours is required when recharging for the first time. Recharging process is about 4 hours, and the duration of battery is around 60 minutes. The battery can be recharged for as many as 800 times, which means the robot can work about three years for ordinary families.

Selecting cleaning modes: There are three cleaning modes available: S (small), M (medium), L (large).

When “S” mode is selected, Homba H518 will move back and forth in a spiral way in an area with a diameter of about 3 feet. It centers its cleaning on a specific spot, which lasts for about 4 minutes. This mode applies to certain dirties area of the floor.

When “M” mode is selected, the robot cleaner will clean the floor automatically for about 30 minutes. This mode applies to small-sized room.

When “L” mode is selected, the robot cleaner will clean continuously until it runs low in power (low-power indicating light flickers). The cleaning process lasts around 60 minutes. If the docking station is installed, then the robot will automatically return to the station and recharge.

Homba H518—Cleaning and Maintenance

1. After each use, clean the following parts with a dry cloth: dustbin, left and right wheel; roll the main brush on the bottom, clear away the dust attached to the brush; clean side brush; open vacuum cover to clean dust chamber and air blower; wipe gently the four sensors on the bottom with dry cloth

2. Water the filter and dry it with a hairdryer. Don’t expose it under sunlight.

3. Clean the main brush about every 30 days.


1. After each use, switch off power and take off the battery from the Virtual wall.

2. Before the robot cleaner’s work, be sure to remove from floor such small objects as vase and small box so as not to be bumped by the cleaner.

3. When installing the virtual wall or using it, don’t point the signal head to human eyes.

4. If the robot turns off after operating for a few minutes, it may be low in power, so recharge immediately

5. Robot vacuum cleaner can not work on long-hair carpet.

6. No silky objects, wire, or towel should be left on the way of robot cleaner, in case that the cleaner may suck up them and get entangled.

7. When not in use for a long period, recharge the battery, then take it out and keep it in dry and shady place.


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