Factors Influencing the Market Scale of Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot Vacuum Cleaners are increasingly gaining their popularity. More and more families or companies take a fancy to such automatic floor-cleaning robot. Now an analysis is made to list the factors influencing the market scale of robot vacuum cleaners:
—Micro-level factors influencing market scale of robot vacuum cleaners

Family income is the most important factor in robot vacuum cleans’ sale, so city folks constitute the main consuming body in purchasing robot cleaners. Besides, family members also exert important influence. If family members are young couple who are busy with work, they would be in great need for robot cleaners. On the contrary, if there are retired old people in a family, then they would like to clean the house by themselves, thus making robot cleaner less necessary. Moreover, whether customers like advanced and fashionable electrical devices or not, whether the family lives in a heavy-polluted environment or a light-polluted one, all weigh to a different degree in people’s mind in purchasing a robot cleaner.
—Macro-level factors influencing market scale of robot vacuum cleaners

First and foremost, economic development turns to be the vital factor in influencing robot cleaners’ market scale. If a city is under-developed, then the inhabitants’ major concerns are mostly about some basic life necessities like food, clothes, and daily items, while house cleaning and leisure entertainment are less needed. Secondly, the efficiency of product itself also matters. If robot cleaners are really easy to operate and maintain, stable in function, and durable in quality, they will attract more and more attention of customers. Thirdly, not many people are familiar with robot cleaner. Much more effort should be made in advertising and promoting of robot cleaners. Even in developed cities, people are still used to paying cleaning lady to clean their floor or office. If they are convinced that robot vacuum cleaner could help them with floor-vacuuming, they would like to try their hands on this new product (not all people like to have a stranger in their home).

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