FAQ On Homeba H518 Robot vacuum cleaner

In the following are some of the common questions (answers are offered) about Homeba H518 Robot vacuum cleaner—a special type of robot vacuum cleaner:
1. Question: what is it made of? How about the thickness and diameter?
Answer: It’s made of metal-like, hard ABS plastic. And its thickness is 10 cm with a diameter of 35 cm.
2. Question: Is its operation user-friendly? Does it really run automatically?
Answer: Certainly. Press the button, and go on with your business, then the Homeba H518 Robot vacuum cleaner will give your floor a thorough cleaning. When low in power, it automatically goes to recharge. It really can save you much time and energy. Besides, scheduled cleaning function enables it to work at the time as you scheduled.
3. Question: How is Homeba H518 Robot vacuum cleaner designed to vacuum and clean?
Answer: The built-in computer chip is able to measure the size of your house floor, and set cleaning course, then start cleaning in a spiral way, all of which are done automatically.
4. Question: How does the Homeba H518 Robot vacuum cleaner`s sensor detect garbage?
Answer: It’s equipped with electrical sensing system. As many as 21 sensors enable it to sense and measure the size of the floor accurately so that there will be no dead corners in its cleaning.
5. Question: How long can a Homeba H518 Robot vacuum cleanerwork for one time?
Answer: The duration of its working depends on correct operation and good maintenance. Generally speaking, a robot cleaner can work for 4 years on average. But good maintenance could prolong its lifespan.
6. Question: It is a little expensive.
Answer: Compared to other types of robot vacuum cleaner,Homeba H518 Robot vacuum cleaner is low in price but high in quality. In other words, it can keep you free from boring and tiring floor mopping and cleaning. And it saves your money in hiring others to clean your floor (what’s more, hiring others may risk your privacy and your solitude). Think in another way: you don’t wash clothes, but you still keep a washing machine in your home (whose price is approximately the same as Homeba H518), while your floor needing cleaning and mopping almost everyday, so why not keep a robot vacuum cleaner at home?
7. Question: Is the Homeba H518 Robot vacuum cleaner safe enough?
Answer: The robot cleaner is driven by the rechargeable battery that is only 14.4 volt, while the cleaner carries no power, so it is absolutely safe, even to children and old people.
8. Question: How about the after-sale service?
Answer: We offer one year guarantee, and lifetime repair.
9. Question: Is it really able to purify the air in house?
Answer: Certainly. The in-built active carbon can filter and absorb the poisonous substance in the air. And its dust-purifying efficiency is as high as 96%. Besides, Homeba H518 Robot vacuum cleaner can keep debris and dust separately; sweeping hair, crumb, cockroach, ash and absorbing small particles in air simultaneously.
10. Question: What’s the use of the Virtual Wall?
Answer: The Virtual Wall functions to mark and block certain areas by sending special infrared signal so as to prevent the cleaner from entering those unnecessary areas.
11. Question: How about the battery’s duration? How much is it to buy another battery?
Answer: The battery can be recharged for 800 times. You can also buy a new battery alone, which is RMB160.
12. Question: How much time does it need to clean a room?
Answer: 30 minutes for the size of 10-30 square meters; 40 minutes for the size of 30-50 square meters; 50 minutes for the size of more than 50 square meters.
13. Question: How to use remote control function when the Homeba H518 Robot vacuum cleaner works in automatic mode?
Answer: When in automatic mode, it memorizes the course as it cleans along. If you would like some area to be cleaned beforehand or cleaned once again, you can use the remote control to make the Homeba H518 Robot vacuum cleaner move forward, backward, leftward or rightward as you will.

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