Forecasts of Cleaning Robot Market Scale in 2012

Forecasts of Cleaning Robot Market Scale in 2012

Under the wave of increasing global interest into Robot Vacuum Cleaners, more and more families are accepting this automatic home-cleaning robot. Based on relevant market surveys and statistics, IFR (International Federation of Robot) have analyzed robot cleaner market and made forecasts of robot cleaner market scale in 2012.

According to IFR’s latest statistics, the general situation of global service robots’ market can be summed up like this: by the end of 2007, domestic service robots worldwide amount to 3.4 million. During 2008 to 2011, it’s predicted that this number would rise to 4.6 million. Exactly speaking, service robots used in families mainly include robot vacuum cleaner, robotic lawn-mower, pool cleaning robot, etc.

In particular, robot vacuum cleaner is the major and most common domestic robot. Being able to clean, mob and vacuum floor, robot cleaner keeps the home cleaner while at the same time leaving more time for leisure activities. Cleaning robot market share amounts to $505.9 million in 2009 and is anticipated to reach $2 billion by 2016. As for the robot cleaner suppliers, there are many corporations designing and selling robot cleaners in different types, and more companies are yet to come into this business. Among those suppliers, iRobot in theU.S., Electrolux inSweden, Karcher inGermany, Samsung (and LG) inSouth Korea, and Panasonics and HitachiinJapanare,HobaRobot In China leading this business.

Supposed that robot vacuum cleaner has a life span of 5 years on average, the annual demand for robot cleaners is as high as 5 million. It widely applies to almost all kinds of floor in hotel, office, school, laboratory and computer center, which makes the annual demand for robot cleaner even greater.

Despite that robot vacuum cleaner is advanced in technology, applicable in operation, and has a great market potential, robot cleaner market is still confronted with some problems, like inefficient promotion, low product recognition, and so on.

However, due to economic development, rapid life pace, and changing consuming habit, the market prospect of robot is still satisfactory.






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