Homba H518—A New Member of Hoba Robot Vacuum Cleaner Family

Despite there are not a few types of robot vacuum cleaners on sale today, Homba H518 still is able to find its position in such a large robot cleaner family. Homba H518 is practical but not clumsy, user-friendly but not simple, small in size but powerful in function. It satisfactorily integrates advanced technology into everyday housework.

Homeba H518 is equipped with intelligent computing system, automatic spiraling navigation system, cleaning-course memorizing system, highly sensitive sensors, and crash-proof design. It is able to clean almost any kind of floor (wooden, short-hair carpet, ceramic tile, etc) with efficiency. Besides, it combines sweeping, vacuuming, and air-purifying functions together.


1) Time-saving and labour-saving: automatic sweeping, cleaning and recharging save you much time and energy, which enables you to entertain more and be in company with your family more.

2) bacteria-killing and air-purifying: the robot is equipped with UV-light that can kill bacteria on the floor, and the built-in active carbon is able to suck up poisonous dust and purify the air simultaneously. The purification efficiency is as high as 96%.

3) Low-noise: the level of noise is below 50 decibels, which may free you from being bothered by noise.

4) Excellent in sucking up dust: the robot’s powerful suction system ensures its efficiency in sucking up dust, crumbs, hair, and debris.

5) Compact and portable: its elaborately-designed size ensures that it can clean even those hard-to-reach corners and areas (i.e. area under sofa, bed, table, etc).

6) Secure for person and pet: the robot’s voltage is only 14.4 volt, so that it won’t endanger your family members even a child or you pet.

Components of Homba H518:

Top of main body: control panel, infrared signal receiver, handle, low-power indicator, start button, dustbin.

Bottom of main body: battery, side brush, vacuum bin, filter

Side of main body: power switch, recharging connector.

(to be continued)

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