How Does the Robot Vacuum Cleaner Work?

A new age of floor cleaning is coming by the advent of the Robot Vacuum Cleaner? Well, no one can predict, but more and more housewives begin to bombard their husbands with words such as “robot cleaner”, “automatic cleaning”, “bacteria-killing UV light”, etc. Curious but unfamiliar with how a Robot Vacuum Cleaner works? Now you have professionals to tell you how.

robot vacuum cleaner,hoba robot vacuum cleaner ,Pre-cleaning requirements:
be sure not to leave on your floor such large-size items as books, shoes, cups, etc. You can’t count on a robot cleaning these “garbage” for you, that’s too much!

Setting virtual wall:
put the virtual wall (an accessory) at the edge of certain area that needs no cleaning or no entry. (Remember to turn it on so that signal can be sent to prevent the Robot Vacuum Cleaner )

Installing the docking station:
install it at a spacious and open spot (no obstacle or hollow areas 3m away from the docking station in the front and 0.5m on the right and left), so that the Robot Vacuum Cleaner will come to it and recharge automatically when the power is low.
Charging: No less than 8 hours of charging for the first time of use, about 4 hours is needed for normal charging. (When successful, the green light will flicker) Generally, the battery can be recharged for 800 times. (The voltage of the charging base is very low, so there is no harm to human body or your pet.)

Setting cleaning model:
turn the robot on, and press “Start/Stop” button, then the robot will work. There are several cleaning models available, so you may choose the proper model according to the size of the room. Its round, flat and slim body enables it to vacuum even under bed, sofa, table, etc.
Once set, the Robot Vacuum Cleaner will clean the floor automatically. Its intelligent system will set the route of cleaning with the help of sensors. So during the cleaning, you don’t have to do anything! Certain functions ensure the robot’s working:robot vacuum cleaner

Anti-falling function: the Robot Vacuum Cleaner will not fall off when coming near the edge of the staircase.

Obstacle-bypassing function: the Robot Vacuum Cleaner will automatically sense the obstacles on its route and bypass them.

Anti-collision device: the Robot Vacuum Cleaner`s front is made of ABS plastics so that it will not damage your furniture or be damaged by it.

If you are worried about acrid or other bacteria in your carpet, you may turn on UV light to kill such bacteria.

If you want the Robot Vacuum Cleaner to clean regularly by itself, you may preset the cleaning time, say, 8:00 every morning, and then the robot will automatically run while you go to work.

Still curious about how this little baby work? Well, try it by yourself, and certainly it will surprise you!

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