My First Contact with the Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The excitement and joy of moving into the new apartment began to decline several weeks later when my wife and I found ourselves in trouble with cleaning the wood floor. Almost every two days there would be dust, hair, fluff and particles here and there, especially in the corners. We really felt it was a burden to clean the floor thoroughly with a mop. After all, after each day’s work, we’d like to enjoy the leisure with a pot of tea or some funny TV programs.
Several days ago, a friend of mine told me that nowadays the robot vacuum cleaner is in fashion in that it can automatically finish the cleaning task of the floor. My wife was curious—she really hated the mop. So she convinced me of buying a robot vacuum cleaner .
I thought I would be free from such cleaning work with the robot cleaner. However, soon I found I was wrong: my loving wife didn’t know how to operate! She complained: “oh, dear, how to get it work?” I was speechless—she always failed in front of such mechanical and electrical devices.
So I came into intimate contact with this robot vacuum cleaner. Actually, I didn’t have much expectation of this round “big pie”. But I had to get it work so as to prove to my wife that I was a genius in machines.
Reading the user’s manual, I couldn’t help laughing: a fool can get it work! Oh, my poor wife! Next I showed my “talent for machines” (as my wife said). I first placed the virtual wall (an accessory of the robot cleaner) at the entrance to the kitchen (press the toggle-switch and LED light is on), installed the docking station by the wall near the balcony, then I moved the robot vacuum cleaner to the center of the living room and pressed the “L” button. Then under our stare, the robot cleaner got into motion after several seconds! It moved in a spiral way on the clearing floor. When there was an obstacle (i.e. the table’s leg), the robot vacuum cleaner would gently touch it and bypass it or move around it. It could go under the sofa to clean. And when touching the wall, therobot vacuum cleaner would move along wall edges and reach deep into corners to remove dust, dirt, and debris that is hidden. About an hour later, the low battery light flickered and the robot cleaner returned to the docking station and recharged, automatically!
How about the effect? Well, the robot vacuum cleaner may not clean perfectly, but at least satisfactorily—the dust, fluff, hair, crumbs that had been dirty on the floor were all vacuumed!
“Good boy”, my wife smiled. We both are relieved: floor-cleaning would not be a problem to anymore!

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