Our work is DEDICATED TO Make life easy,Keep home clean!

HobaRobot is a Professional Robot Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturer and Robot Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturer Supplier in China,We also provide OEM & ODM Service for you .

Science has advanced .Time to take advantage and release yourself from the drudgery of vacuuming.with the Hoba Robot Vacuum Cleaners.you can just sit back and relax ..while the ingenious of HobaRobot Homeba cleaners and cleans day or night .you dont even need to be home .for about the cost of a “high end” vacuum cleaner that requires you do all the work . –the floorbort frees you forever from the tedius task of constant vacuuming .HobaRobot ,As a professional Robot Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturer in China ,We focused on making ourHobaRobot smarter, easier to use and more capable for many years .

  • A Qulity HobaRobot Vacuum Cleaner can Truly save your time & effort in keeping your Home clean .Finding enough hours for work and the kids and the chores and ..discovering a moment for yourself may seem almost impossible.imagine ,it`s been the usual hecitc week and you havent had time for vacuuming .the expensive carpets and tiled floors need urgent attention .what to do ?time for the HobaRobot .Just place it anywhere in a room.set and forget it .24/7.no more guilt ,no more manual labour ,no more tedious time wasting vacuuming or mopping.just relax knowing that HobaRobot is at work while you make better use of your precious time .
  • Our Latest Fashion Touch Screen Panel Design won a great reputaion in the market . We can say that it `s a great progress in Robot Vacuum Cleaner Feild .Our R&D team worked it for nearly 1 year .It`s the 1st Model You only need to press the Touch screen panel ,you can finish all the vacuuming works.

How does the HobaRobot work ?
There are just three buttons :start ,stop ,and pause .
it`s that simple .after the start button is pressed .the robot begins cleaning and mapping the room,then automatically turns itself off when done
The HobaRobot vacuum cleaner is a wireless product .there is an input jack located on the side of the product for recharging like a mobile phone .the robot utilises twin counter rotating beater bars to raise the dirt from the surface .combined with “bag less” high suction to achieve great cleaning results .this efficient use of power consumption provides a running time of 45 to 60 minutes.

The navigational system provides efficient lapping and mapping of the room.cleaning performance is further enhanced by using a bristle and flexible blade combination in the beater bars .This allows the HobaRobot to be used over a variety of surfaces including hard floor loop pile and twisted long pile carpets
The HobaRobot is compact in size ,yet has a 1.2 litre “bag-less” dust box and filter system with provision for the exclusive HobaRobot stair cleaning nozzle .

Safey is an all important aspect of the HobaRobot ,BY using sensors to detect stairs,drops and when it has been lifted off the ground or if the product has been jammed or has stalled.automatic shutdown occurs .For optimum utility,the HobaRobot can function as a conventional cleaner using the variousHobaRobot accessories including moist mopping of timber and hard floors .
The external shape and the navigational system are integral and provide for maximum width cleaning with the ability to manoeuvre in restricted areas .Height has been kept to a minimum to maximise the areas available. And as suspension design is vital to cleaning performance and navigational movement,the HobaRobot Has been created around swing arm drive motor mounts ensuring all wheels remain in contact with the surface at all times.This allows the power head to float over bumps and importantly maintain a close contact with the floor for thorough cheaning .and Carefree use.

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