The Samsung cleaning robot Navibot displayed at CES

The Samsung cleaning robot Navibot displayed at CES







Sansung displayed their cleaning robot Navibot at 2012 CES, there is few difference in appearance, just like the similar product. This Samsung robot is applied with the tech of image capture and installed hypersensitive camera, it can shoot the cleanness of every corner just like our eyes, this camera can take thirty pictures per second to help robot discern the cleaning places anytime, this navigate mode is similar to LG HOM-BOT we mentioned before, the Korea company demonstrated a different path with it.







This Sansung cleaning robot can work for 90 minutes on a single charge, it is with 2 side brushes on both sides, LED screen and nickel-hydrogen battery, the Noise Level is 62. The cleaning procedures of Navibot can be classified into seven steps: shoot, search, Spring Dust, indrawing, filter and so on. Meanwhile, it is equipped with remote control, this wireless operation is more convenient.

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