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A Robot In Every home ,The Leader Of PC Revolution Bill Gates Predicts That the next Hot Filed will be Robotics

【Overview The Robotic Future】
■ The robotics industry faces many of the same challenges that the personal computer business faced 30 years ago. Because of a lack of common standards and platforms, designers usually have to start from scratch when building their machines.
■ Another challenge is enabling robots to quickly sense and react to their environments. Recent decreases in the cost of processing power and sensors are allowing researchers to tackle these problems.
■ Robot builders can also take advantage of new software tools that make it easier to write programs that work with different kinds of hardware. Networks of wireless robots can tap into the power of desktop PCs to handle tasks such as visual recognition and navigation.

Technology advanced everyday.and We are always in the front of the Home Robot Vacuum Cleaner Feild.We try our best to find economically feasible solutions for making Robot Vacuum Cleaner more intelligent. Current systems generally perform their work by randomly roaming around the room, hoping to accidentally encounter bits of litter. One of HobaRobot’s goals is to have a system that could detect accidents (such as spilled popcorn) and immediately move to the affected region to clean the area quickly and efficiently.

There are many aspects of a vacuum application that have to be solved before one can actually be built. First, some form of sensor is needed that can detect debris on the floor and pinpoint the room coordinates of its location.The first thing that comes to mind is a ceiling mounted web cam, but even fragments the size of popcorn could be hard to detect with a standard camera. Finding an appropriate sensor might require thinking out of the box. Perhaps some types of litter could be more easily detected with an IR or UV camera and it is not inconceivable that someone might come up with a totally new approach.

Even if a suitable sensor can be found or devised, there are other problems that must be considered. Once the robot knows where the dirt is, it must still navigate through the room to the desired destination while avoiding objects encountered along the way. The robot must also be able to determine when its battery is low and find its way to a charging station. Of course, people in the room should be avoided and changes in the placement of furniture should not affect the robot’s performance.
Developing an appropriate sensor technology could be expensive, so it might be comforting to know that the navigation problems were solvable before committing resources to developing the sensor technology. Corporations use simulation software to deal with this type of situation all the time.

Locating the Dirt —-Moving to the Dirt—–Finding the Charger—-Circumnavigating Around Obstacles—

Putting It All Together

Of course, you may have a totally different idea of how a vacuuming robot should operate. That is the beauty of simulations. You can improve on ideas or develop a totally new approach of your own.

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