What`s the Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

Are you still bored of dust and crumbs on your house or office floor? Are you tired of sweeping and mopping your floor every day? And do you still worry about exposing your home to a cleaning lady? Now, you can be completely free from such boredom and worries about floor cleaning: the Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the solution!

Portable, convenient, dependable, the Robot Vacuum Cleaner is able to automatically vacuum and scrub your floor while you can do your business or just enjoy the leisure with a cup of tea in front the TV! It’s just like a silent cleaning lady while you don’t have to worry about your solitude and privacy. User-friendly operating system, low noise, time cleaning, speed selection, and sterilizing function are just some advantages of the Robot Vacuum Cleaner .

No matter the floor is wood, ceramic tile or carpet (short-haired), the Robot Vacuum Cleaner applies—it will never ruin you floor or leave any nick. Be the floor garbage dust, scraps, food crumbs, small particles, or shed hairs, the Robot Vacuum Cleaner will easily and satisfactorily wipe it off.

The Robot Vacuum Cleaner differs from ordinary vacuum cleaner in that, just like robot, it’s designed with high-tech sensor system and computer chip which can automatically measure the size and layout of a room, work out cleaning route, and mop the room efficiently (If you are interested in operating such a cute robot cleaner, you may as well launch the “remote control” function and control the Robot Cleaner to clean wherever you want it to). The Robot Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with brushes and dust collector that can not only clean the floor but also vacuum such litter as dust or small particles.

The Robot Vacuum Cleaner`s being automatic is even revealed in power-charging. Properly set, the Robot Vacuum Cleaner is able to automatically search the docking station to charge in case of low battery. (Don’t worry, the battery can be charged for 800 times)

With the Robot Vacuum Cleaner , housework will no longer be tedious, and you won’t have to pay someone to clean your office. What’s more, it’s affordable. So, drop your clumsy mop or machine vacuum cleaner, try this Robot Vacuum Cleaner !

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